Pro Tips From A Smartass Smartphone: AI Of The Future 

Smartphone users are known for being glued to their gadgets. According to a Google survey, thirty-nine percent of smartphone users admit to using their phones in the bathroom, while a Harris Interactive survey found that nearly twenty percent of young adults report using them during sex. Combine that with the fact there’s an app for just about anything and it’s clear our phones know a lot about us, to say the least. 

So, given these facts, what would happen if our phones became self-aware? Cue “Smart(er)Phone,” a feature we expect we’ll be seeing in the not-so-distant future. Smart(er)Phone is much more helpful than its cousin autocorrect, which appears to have an unhealthy fascination with ducks (just ask Ricky Gervais about that one). 

Smart(er)Phone helps you navigate through awkward texting situations and, like a digital Jiminy Cricket, will give out helpful life advice. On the other hand, knowledge is power—it’s also sassier than Siri and will call you out if, for example, you try to lie about your height on OkCupid or forget to log that pint of ice cream into your food calculator. 

Would you use Smart(er)Phone? Take a look at the feature in action in the screenshots below. 

1. Posting On Instagram 

2. Filtering Your Facebook Feed 

3. Texting Your New Crush 

4. Paying Back A Friend For Dinner 

5. Reviewing Restaurants On Yelp  

6. Filling Out Your OkCupid Profile 

7. Ordering Seamless On A Weekend 

8. Logging What You Ate On My Fitness Pal 

9. Tweeting At Celebrities